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July 2007
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Okay, so under normal circumstances the Prime Directive is a given, but the recent dramabomb leads me to believe that not everyone understands it. (Okay, so there's only, like, three members in this comm, but I'm guessing we have lurkers.)

Yes, the term "Prime Directive" is yoinked from Star Trek. In MST communities, however, it's the understanding that you DO NOT mention a fic's author in the MST, and you most definitely don't link the author to the MST picking apart their fic. The goal here is to entertain ourselves, not hurt other people.

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Our fist MST is gleaned from fanfiction.net, home of the crappiest crap that was ever crap.


So what if that last sentence wasn't so creative? I used up my daily quota of wit dealing with this shite. Fic features three teenaged girls going to Mata Nui. Such fics should be a punishable offense.

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Still tweaking the layout and crap. I hope to have an MST of my own uploaded pretty soon. If you're still not sure what to do, check the communities house_mst or dw_mst .


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